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Social Innovation Kick-Start Fund


The Social Innovation Kick-Start Fund is a funding opportunity designed to support new, innovative and impactful student projects. The fund provides financial support to projects that aim to tackle social and environmental challenges. Each project must be equipped with innovative elements. This funding also offers additional support, such as mentorship, training and networking opportunities to help organisations grow and succeed. The objective of the Social Innovation Kick-Start Fund is to provide a platform for creative and forward-thinking social innovators and social entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into reality and make a positive impact on society.

What You Will Get?

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What is Social Innovation Kick-Start Fund?

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How to Apply?

  • Application form: Click here PDF or Word 
  • Guideline for Social Innovation Project Funding Proposal: click here
  • Sample Proposal: click here

Student Projects



Reis one of the student-led projects funded by the Social Innovation Kick-Start Fund. They provide disposable meal box rental services to reduce waste in Hong Kong. They are now expanding their meal box rental points in Hong Kong.