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Integrating Service-Learning and Virtual Teaching and Learning Technologies: A Collaborative Project with Teachers and Community Partners (VTL-SL)


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With this initiative, CISL aims to investigate ways of virtual teaching and learning (VTL) method on service-learning (SL) with the application of new tech under the new normal. Collaborated with our community partner, Innovation and Technology in Social Work Ltd (SITSW), this 1.5-year project would take a collaborative approach to devise, deliver and evaluate VTL in SL to ensure the relevance and quality of learning of our mixed-mode/online SL. Through the virtual format, we wish to deliver our service to the people in need without physical boundaries.


In this inititative, we hope: 

1. to grasp the latest experience and applications of new tech in social/community services

2. to lobby community partners and ensure that the VTL-SL strategies will suit the real needs and scenarios of our community partners and service users

3. to alleviate the demand for manpower for such a labour-intensive project

Workshops for Course Instructors

This project adopts a train-the-trainers approach in which all staff, teachers and community partners involve in building new VTL-SL courses/projects or transforming existing SL courses/projects into VTL-SL. Workshops are held at the beginning of the semester to let all parties acquire transferrable knowledge and skills on VTL.


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Offering Term

AY2021-2022: 4 courses

AY2022-2023 Semester One: 2 courses

AY2022-2023 Semester Two: celebration and finale


Our collaborations


CMED3058/CMED3068 Chinese Medicine: Orthopaedics & Traumatology of Chinese Medicine & Tui Na I

Course Instructor | Mr Cheung Chun Hoi 

Collaborating with Community Rehabilitation Network of the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation, the course arranged students to provide services online to the people in need in the community. Students met their service users in groups, which were elderly and patients suffering from various discomfort and illnesses such as sarcopenia and spinocerebellar atrophy.  While the students provided acupuncture treatment for our service users, they also produced videos that guided the patients on how to locate different acupressure points and demonstrate different home exercises for pain relief. 

Check out the Students' Deliverables (Click Here)


ORGC2025/PRAD2037  Interpersonal Communication

Course Instructor | Dr Henry Fung

In this course, each HKBU student was paired up with an underprivileged secondary student who was going to take the DSE exam to give valuable advice, arrange workshops, and prepared a virtual mock interview for them. The finale was a “real” online group interview session hosted by university staff members. Towards the end of the project, our students also wrote Christmas cards together with a care pack filled with stationary, masks, and candies to the secondary school students.  

Check out the Students' Deliverables (Click Here)


GFVM1036 Happiness: East and West

Course Instructor | Dr Lee Siu Fan

With the support of our community partner, People Service Centre, students were connected with groups of underprivileged families. After a couple of virtual meetings and workshops, in which students played games and even sang songs with the kids, everyone simply bonded together. The parents also shared a lot of amusing and touching family stories with the students, filling the sessions with laughter and even tears. During the final presentations, students shared the videos they made for the kids as their memorable keepsakes. 

Check out the Students' Deliverables (Click Here)


TRAN4047 Translation Workshop

Course Instructor | Dr Janice Pan

The course provided a chance for students to collaborate with Hong Kong Neurofibromatosis Association to produce brochures about NF1 and NF2 in Chinese for the public. Students had a challenging time to go through all the technical and medical jargons, but they all reflected that they were very happy with the experience as they could help the general public to understand more and arouse their attention about rare diseases in the local language given most information was only available in English.

Check out the Students' Deliverables (Click Here)


Contact Us

If you would like to know more, please reach us at 3411-2472 /

This intitiative is a funded project under Special UGC Grant for Strategic Development of Virtual Teaching and Learning (VTL).