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Social Innovation Makers (SIM)


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Social Innovation Makers (SIM) Programme aims at nurturing the seeds of social innovation and community engagement inside HKBU students and encouraging them to bring positive impact to the community. It is a long-term flagship initiative of TriAngle. Through training, exposure and design thinking, students materialise their creative solutions to social challenges. SIM also partners with NGOs, businesses and professional bodies to enrich students’ learning experiences. It endeavours to grow a community of social innovation to impact HKBU and the society.


  1. to nurture a culture of social innovation and community engagement at HKBU
  2. to grow the social innovation community on campus
  3. to facilitate interdisciplinary cooperation on social innovation
  4. to establish TriAngle as the go-to place for social innovation

Upcoming programme


Visit the website for programme details!

Past Events




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Collaborate with us!

If you wish to co-organise social innovation activities with SIM that will bring positive changes to both HKBU students and the wider community, contact us! (3411-2487/