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Service-Learning Mini-Grants



The Centre for Innovative Service-Learning (CISL) was established in December 2017 to contribute to the provision of Best Student Experience in the Institutional Strategic Plan 2018-2028. To provide support to faculty members for the development and implementation of courses with service-learning components at HKBU, Service-Learning Mini-Grants (The Grants) have been set up by the CISL to:

  1. encourage faculty members to integrate SL elements into the curriculum
  2. enhance the teaching and learning of SL at HKBU
  3. promote inter-disciplinary collaboration on SL projects/courses


Academic and teaching staff who design and deliver the following are eligible for The Grants:

  1. UGC-funded credit-bearing courses with SL components (see definition), or
  2. Non-credit bearing service projects with a roadmap for conversion into UGC-funded credit-bearing courses.

GE Capstone courses are NOT eligible for the Grants as they are supported by other funding sources.

Use of Funding and Funding Amount

The Grants can be used to support expenses related to project development and delivery:

  1. Grant for Course Instructor/Project Leader

    • Temporary project assistants/student helpers

    • General supplies, materials and services required for the course/project

    • Printing and resource materials

    • Local travel expenses incurred by staff members

    • Inter-city transportation, lodging and meals during the implementation of non-local service project incurred by staff members leading/supporting the project

  2. Subsidy for Student

    • Students’ Out Of Pocket Expense - Project materials, local transportation and related expenditures

    • Students’ Outbound Expense - Inter-city transportation, lodging and meals incurred by students during the implementation of the non-local service project

The funding provided for each successful application will vary according to the projected expenses. The maximum funding support is as follows:

Project Location Grant for Course Instructor/Project Leader
(On reimbursement basis with receipts)
Subsidy for Students’ Out Of Pocket Expense
(Direct subsidy. No receipts required.)
Subsidy for Students’ Outbound Expense
(Transportation, lodging and meals to be paid to travel agency as a group or reimbursement upon receipts/invoice)
Hong Kong up to $30,000 / project up to $300 / student N/A


up to $50,000 / project up to $2,200 / student
Asia Pacific up to $70,000 / project up to $3,200 / student
Others up to $100,000 / project up to $4,700 / student

Requests exceeding the maximum amount will be considered on a case-by-case bases.

Please refer to the budgetary and acknowledgement guidelines for details.

Selection Process and Criteria

The assessment is based on the following criteria:

  1. Achieving Intended Learning Outcomes of Service-Learning
  2. Aligning the SL components with ILOs
  3. Integrating new ideas and SL elements in the curriculum or project
  4. Bringing educational benefits to students and impact to the service recipients and community
  5. Developing new pedagogical or teaching approaches in SL

Applications for The Grants will be assessed and approved by the Committee on Innovative Service-Learning (ISLC). Approval is subject to funding availability.

Application Deadline

There are three rounds of applications each year. Applicants should send the completed application form together with relevant supporting document(s), if any, to within the stipulated application periods. 

a.  Applications for semester 1: July 10 – August 25, 2023

b.  Applications for semester 2 and summer: November 10 – December 25, 2023

c.  Applications for summer: April 1 – 30, 2024

In order for approved Grants to be available at the start of the target semester, instructors are advised to send their applications as early as possible within the corresponding application periods.


The Centre for Innovative Service-Learning would like to express our deepest gratitude to our donors for their generous donation:





Download Documents (HKBU log-in required)

CISL-M01 Application Guideline
CISL-F02 Application Form

Consultation Services and Enquiries

Miss Kasey Hui
Senior Project Officer
Tel: 3411 2069