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Service-Learning in the Formal Curriculum

The Centre for Innovative Service-Learning (CISL) supports service-learning by connecting academic departments to community partners, facilitating the formation of interdisciplinary teams, and providing appropriate training and support to both students and staff. 

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Curriculum Development

We support innovative academic activities with a focus on service-learning. CISL acts as a hub for students, faculty, and staff interested in the pedagogy of service-learning and serves as a bridge to community partners. We help faculty members to:


  1. Develop project ideas and syllabi from a variety of subjects;
  2. Identify potential community partners and facilitate meetings with them
  3. Apply for Service-Learning Mini-Grants
  4. Arrange pre-service training and post-service reflection for students
  5. Evaluate student learning outcomes
  6. Document project deliverables and student achievements
  7. Source external funding sources

We have also prepared a Service-Learning Manual for course instructors and students.

Funding Support

To encourage faculty members to integrate service-learning elements into the curriculum and enhance the overall teaching and learning of service-learning at HKBU, the Service-Learning Mini-Grants was set up by CISL in 2017. For more details of the Grants, please refer to HERE.