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Courses 2022-2023

We are back again!

Courses available in AY2022-23 Semester 1: 

BIOL4015 Fermentation and Enzyme Technology

Dr Patrick Yue


Students taking the course will be paired up with secondary school students to work on interactive activities related to fermentation and science together. Through games and case studies, students will demonstrate the making of garbage enzymes for cleaning purposes and how fermentation can help achieve zero food waste. Innovative recipes and snacks that involve the use of fermentation will also be designed and prepared by students.


CHEM4085 Food Analysis

Dr Gray Ho, Dr Lung Hong Lok


Students of the course will apply their knowledge of food analysis to assist Foodlink Foundation and GreenPrice to meet the stringent standard of food safety and quality. Hands-on work such as the collection and redistribution of surplus food from local caterers to marginalised groups will also be involved.


CMED3058 Chinese Medicine: Orthopaedics & Traumatology of Chinese Medicine & Tui Na I

Mr Cheung Chun Hoi


The course enables students to interact with the elderly who suffer from chronic pain and to help relieve their pain symptoms. With another emphasis on “care for the carers”, students are also expected to share specific skills and knowledge such as massaging and physical therapy with elderly carers so as to alleviate their emotional pressure. Collaborated with the Society for Innovation and Technology in Social Work, this course is part of CISL’s virtual service-learning initiative.


COMP4045 Human-Computer Interaction

Dr Jin Yucheng


To help the elderly better access health information, students of the course will design a web interface for them to search and judge the authenticity of health information. Students will provide direct service by meeting, talking to, and interviewing their assigned service users together with an NGO partner.


ECON3075 Service-Learning in Sustainable Development 

Dr Aries Wong


The course aims to raise students’ awareness in the balance of economic development, social inclusion and environmental impact through experiential learning. By collaborating with different NGOs, students will apply their knowledge to develop projects related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including those of sustainable cities and communities, and reduced inequalities.


GFVM1045 Matters of Life and Death

Dr Carrie Wu


Students will participate in two services in this course. In the beginning of the course, they have to acquire the basic knowledge of the meaning of life first. They will then meet a group of elderly service users introduced by an organisation and help to facilitate a platform that prepares the elderly themselves to face the issues concerning life and death.


HUMN2056 Climate Change Literature and Culture 

Dr Emily Zong


This course explains the connection between waste and climate change to respond to the plastic waste crisis in Hong Kong’s waterways. Students will participate in several interactive activities, including a workshop, a bleach cleanup, and a waste art exhibition that demonstrates waste artworks created by students with local environmental NGOs.


ORGC2025/PRAD2037 Interpersonal Communication

Dr Henry Fung


The course introduces students to the major theories and principles of effective communication. For the service-learning part, students will become mentors and develop virtual training workshops on interpersonal and interview skills for disadvantaged youths to help equip them for DSE exam and university entrance interview.


ORGC3047 Organisational Event Planning and Management

Dr Kimmy Cheng


Students will apply event management principles and practices and organise fundraising events for the Corporate Communications and Fundraising section of Pok Oi Hospital. Students will involve in Pok Oi Youth Concert and organise a mini event to promote the Elderly’s Music Concert. These events endeavor to encourage people to care about different groups of people in the community. 


PHYS2025 Renewable Energy Technology [for BSc (Hons) in Physics and Green Energy)
GEST2007Renewable Energy Technology [for BSc (Hons) in Green Energy and Smart Technology]

Dr Chan Mau Hing


In addition to teaching secondary school students about the theories and working principles of renewable energy technology, students taking this course will also act as mentors to develop teaching experiments that match the school curriculum. The school teachers and students can then duplicate and reproduce the same experiments in the future for teaching purposes.


VART3405 Experience Design 

Mr Peter Benz, Mr Kingsley Ng, Dr Evelyn Kwok


This course aims at developing a Service-Learning project “Night Workers” that focuses on the often-marginalised members working at night. In collaboration with Current Plans Project Space, students will demonstrate their understanding of the project through an exhibition and sleep concert to the night workers and the public.


VART4076 Further Studies in Studio and Media Arts (Lens-based Media – Identity and Contemporary Art Practices)

Mr Kalen Lee


In collaboration with Gay Games 2023 and Pao Gallery, the course instructor will provide training and activities designed for students, including training sessions for guided tours, meeting with artists and related parties of the organisation, and curating a public-facing exhibition of their own.

For detailed course syllabus, please refer to the University Student Handbook.