This academic year has come to an end and we are very glad that students grasped the timely moment when the pandemic situation was improving in the previous semester to carry out face-to-face service activities. Here is a recap of some of our service-learning courses and their deliverables.


SL Courses Semester Recap

BIOL3016 Environmental Health and Toxicology: Secondary School Visit
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COMP4117 Information Systems: Design and Integration: Presenting to Community Partners
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EURO4006 European Economic and Business Life: travailler en contexte international: “Oui” Care
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GFHC1046 An Introduction to Gender, Class and Race: From Interviews to Videos
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POLS2015 Government and Politics of Hong Kong: Poster Presentations
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SOWK3207 Creativity, Wellbeing and Art Therapy: An Exhibition
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Apart from service-learning courses, CISL has hosted a number of both student and staff events in the last few months, involving both local and international participants. There were both physical and virtual events, essentially showing that we were adapting to mixed-mode teaching and learning gradually!


Dr. Chow Yiu Fai’s Lyrics-writing Class Graduation Concert
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Global Virtual Hackathon 2021:
Hack for a Sustainable ‘New Normal'
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Social Innovation Maker (SIM)


Service-Learning Elevated: From Practice to Research
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Translation Bonds: From a Course to a Company
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