December is always a special month for CISL. It is the end of the first semester where we witness and celebrate the birth of students’ service-learning deliverables. It is also the time we start planning for the second semester, and to look forward into the new year. Last but certainly not least, December is the anniversary of CISL! This is our third anniversary, and we would like to make use of this newsletter to record and document some of our SL courses this semester, and to thank the generosity and support from our donors and community partners all along. Wish you all Happy New Year - stay healthy!  

SL Courses Semester Recap

Chinese Lyrics Writing Class

The service-learning project revolved around 17 interviewees whose lives had been "broken" and rebuilt: two students wrote for each interviewee a song respectively on the broken and rebuilt side, in 4 main areas of body, emotions, career, and dreams.

A concert that featured students' written pieces and their own performances was held in collaboration with KKBOX in October.


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Bread Run Volunteering Programme 

Students from CHEM4085 Food Analysis joined the bread run volunteering programme by Foodlink Foundation. It allowed students to work in groups and go collecting unsold bread from 2-3 bakery stores.
At the end of this event, 1310 loaves of bread were collected -- which broke the record of the amount of bread collected on one single night. Students came to realise the seriousness of food wastage in Hong Kong.
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'MASK IS THE NEW NORMAL' Photo Exhibition

French artist and photographer Cyrille Bellier documented the massive adoption of mask-wearing in Hong Kong from the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak and produced a series of black-and-white photos that serve as a timely keepsake for Hong Kong people to remember this historic moment of the city. The exhibition was curated by Le Pavillon Rouge des Arts and students from EURO4015 Contemporary European Societies II: questions d’actualité. Students chose from Mr Bellier’s works and wrote their thoughts in both English and French to respond to the photographs.

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Motion Graphic Design

Students from FILM4017 Motion Graphic Design worked with Hospital Authority, Division of Nursing Education (HKBU’s SCE), Stewards and Towngas to help them produce videos for both promotional purposes and to raise public awareness on various issues. The essence of this service-learning course is to let students work along with their clients to promote messages of acceptance, inclusion and empathy. Students’ final products will soon be available on our website’s digital artifact section – stay tuned!

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 Sustainable Energy Promotion

Students from GEOG3007 Energy Problems and the Environment went to Sai Kung to promote sustainable energy to the Sai Kung residents.
They also connected with the Sai Kung community by introducing the concept of sustainable energy, inviting them to do a questionnaire and participate in a research project.
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'Seeing the Unseen' Exhibition

GFHC1046 An Introduction to Gender, Class and Race featured “Seeing the Unseen”, a one-week exhibition at TriAngle that attempted to unveil the hidden stories from underrepresented groups in Hong Kong. Selected students’ works were also showcased in another exhibition that followed – “Silent Voices” – at 1a space in late December.

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*CCL-Recognised* E-learning Module on Moodle

Enrol in our new HKBU CISL1001 Introduction to Academic Service-Learning e-learning module on Moodle and sail through the journey of a service-learning experience in the formal curriculum. You don’t want to forget that it’s also CCL-recognised!
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