Are you ready for the new semester? Although it is going to be another year of uncertainties, we are still here to carry on with our empathetic works in service-learning and show our care to the communities with you all! Service-learning is all about changes: bringing changes to the community, to the society and to ourselves. WE ARE HERE to showcase the necessity and significance of caring for the community, as well as our resilience to adapt to the “new normal”. Everyone can make a difference - are you ready to join us?
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*CCL-Recognised* E-learning Module on Moodle

Enrol in our new HKBU CISL1001 Introduction to Academic Service-Learning e-learning module on Moodle and sail through the journey of a service-learning experience in the formal curriculum. You don’t want to forget that it’s also CCL-recognised!
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Summer Recap

During the COVID-19 outbreak this summer, we continued to show our empathy and care to the community and our students despite social distancing. We continued to reach out to those in need and engage with the community.


The pandemic situation worsened during summer: do you know we can actually measure how the viruses spread in a mathematical and logical way? Ms Silian Wong from the Department of Mathematics used a story of romance involving the spreading of rumours as an example to introduce the mathematical logic in an easy and interesting way through a series of videos. An interactive quiz game was also designed to test viewers’ understanding and let them practice what they have learned. Over 200 students have participated in the game and ten of them who scored the highest received cash coupons. Watch the videos and challenge yourself!
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Sharing Session
We introduced service-learning to international students who are interested in joining HKBU with the Admissions Office of the Academic Registry. Our student representative Sunny Chung shared his unforgettable experience in service-learning!
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Community Events
In the project 生活動喜來 (literally meaning to make life happy again), we collaborated with CFSC Carer Link and invited Mr Cheung Chun Hoi and Mr Shane Siu from the School of Chinese Medicine to record videos about alleviating physical pain and doing acupuncture massage for the elderly. Teachers and students from the Academy of Visual Arts will also soon create paper-tearing art with the elderly online. Stay tuned for their stunning artworks!

Service-learning Courses

Students of HUMN4036 Identity Politics in the Era of Globalisation have completed some impressive service-learning projects by interviewing various marginalised people in Hong Kong and turning their stories into expressive narratives. Their deliverables were documented over summertime and the website was launched in early September. Enjoy reading!
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Before the third wave of the resurgence in COVID-19 cases, students from BIOL2015 Biodiversity measured the trees and used scientific methods to evaluate the biodiversity of Sai Kung in hope of sustaining the natural environment of Hong Kong.

SEED - Runway

We collaborated with the Office of Student Affairs in delivering Startup Saturday of the SEED Incubator Scheme which supports students to incubate ideas and experience entrepreneurship. The student teams received advice from experts and seed money to run their ideas. All the selected and participating teams can make use of a designated space named Runway in the co-working space TriAngle to carry out their projects -- from “try”, “go” to “run” their ideas.  We also hope the space will be a runway where the students will “take off” to start their own startups.
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Centre for Innovative Service-Learning