Project SEED

Experts have already pointed out that university students graduating this year will face bigger challenges and difficulties in job-hunting due to the poor economy and shrinking market as a result of the pandemic. HKBU’s SEED Project offers a range of educational opportunities to enhance students’ personal attributes and readiness for career development.

When SL Meets LS

How to present relevant skills and showcase your personal qualities using your service-learning experience in written applications and job interviews.

【當SL 遇見LS...】第一集——CV寫靚啲

【當SL 遇見LS...】第二集——執正啲!

Campus Employment

TriAngle will offer employment and development opportunities for full-time students to develop their skills and strengths while earning extra income.

Student Helper Scheme

Student helpers will assist in manning counter, setting up equipment and organising events. Please follow our Instagram or Facebook for more details to be announced later.

Student Instructor Scheme

Student instructors will assist to run workshops, activities and programmes according to their own talent and expertise. Click here for application details.

Visit TriIsland in Animal Crossing

Are you a fan of the video game Animal Crossing? We actually find some resemblance between the game and TriAngle, our co-working space. Both are about the sharing of goods in a shared community, exploring the possibility to co-work and co-create, and most of all, innovation and creativity. We have thus created TriIsland, an online version of TriAngle, where players can come for a virtual tour. On 30 May evening, we will be having a pop-up lucky draw of tools and DIY cards at TriAngle in Animal Crossing. If you are an Animal Crossing lover, queue up on our Facebook and Instagram for our surprising giveaway.

Beat the virus, BU & I

The last few months have been challenging for all of us. The unprecedented crisis has reaffirmed our mission to foster the best learning experience that prepared students for active engagement in resilient and connected communities.  Instructors and students of SL courses continue to support the university’s community campaign, Beat the virus, BU & I.

Tribute to Security Guards

送給一眾守護著每家每戶的保安——《彩霞》| 周耀輝歌詞班同學會呈獻:趁香港還有你們
The project of Dr Chow Yiu Fai’s students and alumni from his lyric-writing class to rework on songs that students wrote to pay tribute to hidden heroes in Hong Kong has come to an end. The last song, a dedication to security guards, is an ensemble of HKBU talents. From song to lyrics to shooting, the MV is shot on campus, and it features our Director Cindy! Let’s salute to those who have been working extra hard to safeguard our home and our city during the pandemic. Help us print this handbill out and distribute it to the security guards around you.

Code Red Fundraising Campaign

In collaboration with the French Chamber Foundation, Dr Emilie Tran and students from EURO4006 set up the Code Red Fundraising Campaign to garner financial support using the trilingual niche.
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PhoneBUddy Programme

A team of 16 marketing students is serving as Phone Buddies to elders who have to stay home. They are making weekly calls to chat with and listen to those in solitude.
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NO Straw Campaign: Some Statistics

Many of us have been ordering takeaway during this unusual period of time, and understandably, a lot of plastic waste is created. Let’s protect the environment too while we protect ourselves! A group of students from ECON3075 partnered with the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong to study the effectiveness of “NO Straw Campaign”.

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What is Service-Learning?

Universities have cancelled Info Day due to the virus outbreak, and RTHK has launched a programme called “Tutor Online 2020” and devoted a session to let universities introduce programmes that are unfamiliar to secondary students. CISL, together with the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing, went to the programme and gave audiences an idea of what service-learning is. Outreaching becomes something even more significant in this period of time.
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