Mask Donation Campaign

Mask Collection
Masks collection

Colleagues of CISL, GEO and AAO initiated a voluntary network to collect surgical masks for those who are in need in the community. From 5 to 17 Feb 2020, 14,060 masks were raised and distributed to Hong Kong Blind Union, Kung Yung Koon-Shabnam, Christian Family Service Centre and Amigo to support low-income families, grassroots ethnic minorities, elderly persons living alone, visually impaired persons and caregivers of sick persons. >Know More

Service-Learning: within and beyond HKBU

Not Your Ordinary Exhibition: We Are Everywhere

The exhibition, held in CISL’s co-working space TriAngle, consisted of two main sections. One section introduced 30+ service-learning courses and non-credit bearing projects, and the other section displayed works and deliverables inspired by students in previous service-learning courses, revolving around the themes of the sea, the sky and the land. We – our empathetic endeavours – are literally everywhere!
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Developing Partnership with Secondary Schools

CISL has been actively seeking collaborations with secondary schools on meaningful projects. On 15 Jan 2020, we introduced service-learning to twelve principals and teachers from secondary schools and invited partnerships for General Education Level 3 Service-Learning courses to be rolled out in AY2020-21.
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MATCHmeeting connecting instructors with community partners

A group of instructors and staff members from five departments visited okapi studio, an innovative enterprise set up by two HKBU alumni to enhance social inclusion. They discussed potential projects and came up with some initial ideas for collaborations. MATCHmeetings are something new collaboratively developed by CISL and GEO. We shall keep engaging our community partners to create wider and further communal impact.

Sachet-making Workshop


Over 30 students and colleagues gathered at TriAngle to make sachets on 14 Jan 2020. The instructors from Aroma Office are in their golden age, and participants enjoyed and learned a lot from their expertise. This also echoes to one of the aims of Aroma Office: the promotion of inclusion and diversity.
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GPA: Great Potato Ability

Initially, students of VART3405 Studio: Experience Design planned to work with a food truck to promote harmony, low-carbon food, healthy lifestyle and environmentalism on campus, but the plan could not materialize due to class suspension in November 2019. Still, this group of AVA students had come up with mind-blowing ideas and prototypes during their preparation in the first half of the semester. These include a “Great Potato Ability” project, which makes use of food to provoke students to reimagine what “GPA” means.
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Cheung Sai-ho: Everyone has a story to tell

Caring is HKBU’s DNA, and CISL has been helping and nurturing a lot of our students to excel in their lives. This includes Cheung Sai-ho, a name that BUers shouldn’t be unfamiliar with. While we’ve heard a lot of stories about him and his marvellous invention, CP2Joy, we rarely had the chance to listen to what Sai-ho himself has to say. Recently he was featured in an interview in which he has told us more about his own story: his parents, his growing up and the recognition he gained via HKBU. >Know More

HKBU Brand New Co-working Space - TriAngle

CISL organised a pizza party and guided tour on 14 Jan 2020. You may wonder why it had to be a pizza party: it was because one of the tables designed by our AVA students Annie and Claire was inspired by pizza time, when we share food and ideas joyfully with one another. Everyone enjoyed the innovative features and students’ inventions in this brand new co-working space, experiencing the power of the five senses with lots of surprise and laughter: they included music composed for the space by our students and alumni; infrastructures tailor-made by HKBU students for HKBU students; and more – you are welcome to come and explore our upcoming unique features once class suspension is over.
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HKBU TriAngle HKBU TriAngle
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HKBU TriAngle HKBU TriAngle

Academic Year 2019-20 New
Service-Learning Course

In this semester, on top of having instructors running their SL courses for the second time, we have also got a few new courses so as to expand service-learning and let it reach more and more students. This includes HUMN4036 Identity Politics in the Era of Globalization offered by CISL Senior SL Consultant Dr Jason Ho. In this course, Dr Ho will introduce the politics of formations and representations of various kinds of identities – gender, sexual, racial, national – in both local and global contexts. Students will interview marginalised populations in Hong Kong and get to know about their stories, present their narratives using creative means, and invite some of them to partake in a human library towards the end of the semester if the virus outbreak is under control. Fingers crossed!

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